If you want to stay on your boss’ good side, then it is time to knock any annoying work habits on the head. You don’t want to put your job at risk after all. Convince your manager that you are the right fit for the company by avoiding these unprofessional bad habits…

1: Being Late To Work

Don’t panic if the traffic is bad one morning and you end up 10 minutes late. But habitually arriving in the office after your designated start term could make your boss question your commitment to the role.

2: Being Late To Meetings

Value the time of your colleagues, and more importantly your boss, by being a couple of minutes early to any scheduled meetings. Keeping people waiting repeatedly is inconsiderate and rude. Also, make sure you devote your full attention to each meeting. Texting or checking your phone every 2 minutes is not a good look.

3: Being Negative

Negative behaviour breeds more negative. So by being a Negative Nelly, you could be bringing the whole morale of the office down. Not exactly a skill you want to list on your CV!

4: Being Controversial

Best to leave conversations about controversial topics until you are outside of the office. These kinds of discussions can get heated quickly and are not appropriate in a professional space.

 5: Social Media Rants

Public negative rants, especially those about your workplace or colleagues are pretty frowned upon by management. Don’t think you are bulletproof just because you are commenting online.

6: Being On Social Media

Even if you aren’t posting a rant, your boss won’t take kindly to you being on social media too much during work time. Unless it is work related, you should save checking your Facebook feed until your lunch break. That goes for personal calls too, unless there is a family emergency or similar to deal with.

7: Questioning Everything

While asking questions is good to increase your knowledge and understanding, questioning everything is downright irritating. Not only should you know the answers to some of those questions, but it demonstrates you don’t really want to do the task.

8: Being Messy

Show respect for your workspace by keeping it today and organised. Also, show that you respect the office dress code by showing up to work clean and well presented.

9: Knocking Sick

Don’t make a habit of calling in sick when you aren’t actually sick! Half of every battle is won by just showing up. Who do you think your boss will offer a promotion to, the person who shows up every day with the right attitude, or the person who calls in sick all the time?

10: Partaking In Office Politics

Forming a clique, ganging up on other colleagues, or making nasty comments about them is not professional. You may not like everyone you work with, but you still need to offer them the common courtesy of being friendly and polite. Proving you can get on with people will show that you are a team player.