Christmas can be an expensive time!

There are gifts to give, elaborate meals to produce, family to visit (or to have stay), and that is just the silly season. That does not include end of year holidays and the costs associated with that.

The costs soon start to pile up.

The great thing about giving gifts is that they don’t have to be expensive. If you put a bit of thought into it, you can usually get a meaningful gift for most people on your list for under $10!

To get you started on creative (yet cheap) gift giving, here are some suggestions:


20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Under $10

1. Services. Give the gift of your time and offer to help someone out. Make their life better and reduce their stress by offering to help with: cleaning, chores, errands, yard work, fixing things, cooking, or anything else you are good at.

2. Ebooks. You don’t have to give something physical, an ebook is a fantastic gift for the avid readers in your life and there are some good ones out there for under $10.

3. Baked goods. Ingredients don’t cost that much, especially if you make a big batch and divide it amongst several people. The costs will definitely be under $10 per person. Cookies are perfect as they are delicious, package well and last longer than other baked items.

4. Notebooks. Even in this digital world, everyone loves a notebook to jot down ideas, appointments and all those other things you need to write in a day.

5. Second Hand Books. If you hit the second hand shops then you can discover some great finds, many still in excellent condition. Books never go out of style!

6. Pedometer. Encourage the loved ones in your life to get healthy this coming year. A pedometer is one great way to do that. You can grab some basic models for under $10.

7. Homemade salsa or relish. Access the wealth of recipes on Pinterest, make your own salsa or relish, can it, and wrap the jar in some photos printed from your computer.

8. Homemade Cookbook. Share some of your favourite recipes either in a handwritten form or by typing them up and printing them out. Thoughtful… and yummy!

9. Mixed CD. The updated version of a mixed tape. How will this improve someone’s life? It can be a relaxing CD or one that picks them up in the car … music is always a great gift!

10. Movie night gift basket. Purchase items in bulk and divide them into multiple baskets. Items for a movie night: popcorn, lollies, maybe some soft drink, and a blanket.

11. Scrapbook. Make it yourself … great memories that will last a lifetime. Be creative and have some fun! This is a priceless gift.

12. Massage. No need to pay for a spa service, create your own relaxing spa service at home instead.

13. Babysitting. Yes, this is offering your time again, but it is an invaluable gift for busy parents who don’t get the chance for a night out very often.

14. Yoga mat. A yoga mat can be used for a huge number of exercises so it is a versatile and practical gift.

15. 10 Reasons I Love You. Get arty by creating and framing the 10 reasons you love someone special in your life.

16. Homemade cloth grocery bags. You can buy them for under $10, but if you are handy with the sewing machine, recycle some old sturdy material and make them yourself.

17. Coin purse. A handy way to keep coins safe, but if you buy one that is a practical shape, it could also house other small things like lip balm, loyalty cards, or keys.

18. Build an emergency kit. Buy a container bag, put in it whatever other small items you might normally forget to pack for a trip. Tie with ribbon. Print out some instructions to expand the emergency kit.

19. A care package. Keep it simple: a favourite magazine + a mug + real chocolate (or someone’s favourite tea). That’s a great little way for a friend to spend an evening at home.

20. Towels. As we all know, towels are the most massively useful thing you can have. Luckily they are reasonably priced too!