Success. Do you look at some people and wonder how they got to be so successful? Surely they have some magic success formula.

The thing with success is that it looks different to everyone, so there can’t be a magic formula. Perhaps it is a million dollar fortune, a high powered corporate role, owning multiple properties, or even achieving that work life balance.

Did you know that you could be sabotaging your own success? Those successful people that you admire might not have a magic formula, but they avoid these 3 bad habits that keep success out of reach.

Thinking You Can’t Do It

Just like the Little Engine That Could, if you think you can do it, then you can achieve it. If you have self limiting beliefs then you will never succeed. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, or that it is too risky, then you will believe that and not try. But if you approach it with a can do attitude, you are open to the possibility of success.

Successful people set goals, focus on them and have good systems in place to achieve those goals.

Fix It By: Picturing yourself as a success. Explore what that looks like. Then create a vision board, set some goals and work towards that ideal picture.

Having No Self Discipline

As an entrepreneur, it is so easy to let the little tasks get in the way of the big ones. You can fall into the trap of filling your days with busy work instead of focusing on the most productive tasks. Sometimes it can be easier and less scary to keep doing those busy tasks, as the big productive ones involve an element of risk and putting yourself out there.

What is busy work? It is dropping everything to pick up that phone call, interrupting your workflow every 10 minutes to answer an email that has just come in, and taking far too long to complete simple tasks.

Fix It By: Being disciplined and planning your time wisely. Write down the things that you want to achieve in a year, then break that down into the tasks you need to complete each quarter to reach that end goal. Then break it down by month, by week and by day if necessary. Spend at least 50% of your time working on those tasks. Outsource any low value tasks so that you can focus on the high value ones.

Being Random and Disorganised

Remember that time that you made amazing sales and brought in three new clients in a week? Did you note down how you achieved that?

If not, you missed an opportunity. Randomly trying things is not the key to success. But creating a proven formula and then sticking to it is the key to success.

Fix It By: Knowing your process and your numbers. By looking back on your history you will know how many leads you need to follow up before you make a booking. If you understand your numbers, you will know how many people you need to contact and book each week to achieve your financial goals.

There is no rule to say that you need to come up with your formula all by yourself. Utilise the expertise of others ad model the tactics they used in your own business.

By kicking these 3 bad habits, you will be able to make things happen in your business. You will start to see progress and maybe even see yourself as one of those ‘successful people’ that you admire so much.