When it comes to organising insurance, most clients would probably cringe at the thought of it. It is typically known as being a difficult process, a bit too much hassle, and a bit too confusing for the average consumer. Typically, the “customer experience” hasn’t been a huge concern for insurance companies.

However, that is not the case for Newpark. With the insurance industry growing more and more competitive, we know that customer service is an increasingly important part of business.

While there has been a conscious shift to focus on the customer, many clients still report they are not satisfied with their current provider.

With that in mind, how can you ensure that you offer a great service experience to your clients? We believe it means to set clear expectations from the start, communicate openly, and to be helpful and supportive throughout the process.

Let’s look into how you can ensure you are providing great client service in your adviser business:


Set Clear Expectations From The Start

Setting up the right kind of insurance cover is not something that can be done in 10 minutes. It is not the typical “add to cart” and “check out now” product that modern clients are used to engaging with.

So it is wise to let your client know this. Quick fix, package insurance deals that can be bought online are often full of sub-clauses that can make policies invalid. You, as an industry expert know this. But your clients may not. They will need your expertise and recommendations on the cover that suits their individual situation. Assessing that cover takes time.

In your initial discussion with a new client, be sure to outline the process and give them realistic approximate timeframes. This helps to manage their expectations, and they will have more trust in the process if they know what to expect.

Clients may not expect the number of personal and medical questions that they will need to answer during the process. It is helpful to advise them of this ahead of time, so they aren’t taken by surprise by the detailed (and often invasive!) questions.

Communicate Openly And Update Regularly

Communication is a very important part of good customer service. You are no doubt working very hard behind the scenes to keep everything moving. But, if a client gets radio silence from you for a fortnight, they may start to feel uneasy or that you aren’t doing what you are meant to.

You can prevent this feeling of unease by checking in with them regularly. Typically, there aren’t always a lot of points of interaction with customers in the insurance industry. So, you should make the effort to create some.

Keep your clients in the loop about the different things you are looking at and the work you are doing. You don’t have to call them every day, but an email every few days is a good idea. This also invites them to ask any questions that they might have to better understand the process.

Remember that you are not just completing this one application for a client. You want them to return to you when they need to review their policies and when they want to alter them too. Building a relationship of trust with open communication will encourage them to return again and again.

Helpfulness And Support

Modern business has a personal feel to it. Clients want to feel like they are dealing with a real live human that truly cares about their needs. You want to give them the personal touch.

The key here is being available and responsive. People naturally have a lot of questions about insurance policies – How much will it cost? What does it cover? Can I change it? How do I make claims? A genuine and empathetic demeanour will make all the difference to a confused or possibly frustrated client. They appreciate having an adviser who will return their calls and emails promptly, and treat them with patience and respect.

Some of their questions might seem silly, but they aren’t the experts – you are! Make an effort to view the process from the perspective of the client, instead of your own. This will give you valuable insight on how to meet their needs, to ensure you can deliver them a great customer experience.


It can be difficult to provide the level of support that a client needs when you yourself do not feel supported. Here at Newpark we truly want your adviser business to be a success. So, if you are looking for a supportive adviser network that helps you to grow your individual business, then Newpark is the network for you!

Get in touch with us today to see how you can become part of the team.