Those summer holidays seem to stretch on forever don’t they? The first week or so seems to go swimmingly (maybe even with some swimming). But by the time the second week rolls around, you start to hear that dreaded phrase… I’m bored! Beat the boredom with these awesome tips for fun summer ideas that you can do with the kids, and some they can do alone too!

1: Go berry picking, there is nothing sweeter than delicious berries fresh off the plant.

2: Play in the rain, because it’s not cold and mud puddles are oh-so-fun!

3: Cook your dinner outdoors on the BBQ or grill. Even get adventurous with a pizza oven, spit, or fire pit. It just tastes better that way in summer.

4: While you are cooking outside, you may as well make a night of it and camp out too. Go the whole she-bang with a tent or even brave sleeping out under the stars.

5: If the outdoors is not your thing, then have a family sleepover on the living room floor instead.

6: Make it rain with the hose or sprinkler. There is a reason this activity never gets old.

7: Get in the kitchen to do some baking or make your own pizzas for lunch.

8: Organise a family game night. It could be just for your family, or invite some friends for a tournament. Play all together or have a kids table and an adult’s table.

9: Challenge each other to see who can finish a 100 piece puzzle the fastest.

10: Play card games like snap, memory, happy families, or even poker.

11: Go on a tour of all your local playgrounds and play on them all in one day.

12: Pack a picnic and dine Al fresco at any location.

13: Experiment with a new look by giving each other a makeover. Think temporary new hairstyles, a great new outfit, a manicure and pedicure.

14: Go treasure hunting near the water and see what you can find. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the beach, the river, or the lake.

15: Let the kids set, shop for and cook the dinner menu for a week.

16: Have friends around for playdates or even sleepovers.

17: Grow things in the garden. Eat the fruit and vegetables, and use the flowers to decorate the house or as gifts.

18: Find a local gala, fair or marketday to explore and have fun at.

19: Decorate your driveway with chalk. Even draw up a hopscotch or handball court.

20: Take a roadtrip away for the night, or even just a day trip. Choose somewhere new and exciting, or an old family favourite.

21: Be mad scientists and do some science experiments. Look some up online, or create your own.

22: Watch movies that you have recorded of the family over the years. Dig out your old photo albums and look at them too.

23: Read aloud from a chapter book. Choose your old favourites or discover some new ones.

24: Take your bikes out for a spin and ride to a local destination.

25: Explore the water by going fishing, or kayaking.

26: Collect summer flowers, press them and then make them into a picture.

27: Build a fort in the living room, then build a Lego castle in the fort.

28: Serve breakfast in bed, take turns being the chef and the person being served.

29: Master a new skill like a new language, an instrument, a hobby, or even how to skip stones on water.

30: Have a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt in the backyard, or all over your town.

 This list should definitely keep you and the kids busy for a while!