Without regular maintenance, your house could become victim to wear and tear. Set aside time to inspect it on a regular basis and try these top tips…

1: Hop To It

If there are repairs that need to be done, get onto them right away before more damage is caused.

2: Check Your Wiring

If your home is old, or you have just moved in then it is sensible to get a professional to check your wiring to see if it is up to standard.

3: Sweep The Chimney

For your fireplace to operate safely without being a fire hazard, you need to ensure that your chimney is swept every year.

4: Know Your Mains

In case of a true water emergency, you need to know where your water mains are located. That way you can shut them off in a hurry. Check the meter number against your water bill so that you don’t shut off your neighbour’s meter by accident!

If you do have a burst pipe then turn any taps and the shower on as high as they can go. This should reduce some of the pressure while you turn the mains off.

5: Check The Cylinder

A hot water cylinder only has a lifespan of 10-20 years and a leaking one can cause a lot of damage. If your cylinder is in this age bracket, then get it checked by a plumber.