When it comes to fine-tuning your hiring strategy, Instagram offers you the opportunity to engage with potential applicants in a way that a simple job ad can only dream about. However, unless you are Instagam savvy you risk wasting time and effort on a dud endeavour. Here are 5 things to remember when you’re setting out to recruit on Instagram.


1. Make Sure your Employer Brand is Consistent

Instagram users can usually spot a stock image or misbranded post a mile off. So it’s important to have both a clear idea of the image you want to present to your employers and a concrete understanding of your business’ brand as a whole. If one doesn’t match the other, you’ll struggle to create genuine content that potential applicants will find appealing. For example, if your company is a long established firm with a traditional power structure, presenting your Top Management as friendly and affable might conflict with the reality applicants will face when they come in for an interview. So take some time to really understand your company culture, as it will help you give your content the right vibe.

2. Maintain Relationships, Build Trust

Use Instagram to show viewers the humans behind the company. If you have unique items around the office, find a way to creatively show them off in photos. Show videos of downtime, but also of the work that goes on during office hours. If there are office pets, make them a weekly feature, or use a weekly post to put the spotlight on a different member of staff or team. These kinds of posts are relatable, and give a better insight into your company culture than any written or verbal introduction ever could.
If you aren’t sure if this will fit in with the rest of the social media content you share, why not set up a ‘Life at _____’ page. This can be run solely by HR, and employees themselves should be encouraged to contribute with video clips, action photos or even snaps of individuals holding signs with their employer story on them. The Marriott, Starbucks and Microsoft all have made great use this tactic to help appeal to potential candidates.

3. Speak to the Geek

If your company specialises in a particular type of product or service, don’t be afraid to occasionally post things that only those in the know will understand. In doing this, you are engaging a sector of your audience that is already interested in and knowledgeable about a particular area of work. If you can, try and challenge viewers to show off their own knowledge, perhaps guessing which product was used, how it was promoted or even what they would have done differently. People who are passionate about a topic love to share their knowledge with those who are engaged, and you’ll begin to spot talent, sometimes even before you’ve begun recruiting. This kind of inside knowledge can allow you to target specific people if a relative job comes up, which may help you cut down on hiring time, if you handle it right!

4. Use the Power of the #hashtag!

Hashtags might seem like a silly fad that people use to be ironic, but they also serve a very important purpose, when used right. Before you share your latest post, research words or phrases you might consider relevant (like #onlinemarketing if your hiring an online marketer, for example) and see what kind of results come up. People often search on Instagram using specific hashtags, so the more specific the audience you want to reach, the more targeted your post needs to be.


5. Develop a Proactive Strategy

Whatever approach you decide to use, it’s important to remember to have a consistent and proactive strategy. If you know a role is opening up, post ‘keep your eyes peeled’ type content to drum up interest in a role. When someone is promoted internally, use this as a dual opportunity – show off the potential for growth within your company, and emphasise the space left behind by them. Keep on top of sharing company events and successes, and make sure to post multiple times a week to keep yourselves on everyone’s news feeds. As well as this, make sure you share key posts on your other Social Media profiles, to capture the attention of the biggest audience possible.
So there you have it, some key tips to keep in mind as you begin to explore what Instagram has to offer you as a recruiter. Obviously, this is only the tip of the iceberg, so you may want to do further research, or you may want to find someone who specialises in social media branding who can help you nut out what it is you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Whatever you do, remember that your success using Instagram will be reliant on your recruiting campaign as a whole, so make sure your job ad is primed for success, and that your interview process is well thought out .

Good luck!