Kids appreciate rules because they let them know where their boundaries are. But if you give them too many rules then you might prevent their natural development.

All kids need these kinds of rules…

Safety Rules

Set rules that protect their physical and emotional safety. Prevent them hurting themselves or others and prevent them from being unkind or spiteful.

Morally Acceptable Rules

Instill good morals in your kids by giving them rules that support acceptable behaviour. Things like not stealing, treating others as you want to be treated and to tell the truth. It is important that you lead by example in these areas.

Healthy Habit Rules

Set rules that create healthy habits and life skills. Things like brushing your teeth before bedtime, rinsing your dishes after dinner and putting dirty clothes in the laundry hamper.

Social Rules

Everyone needs good social skills to get on with their peers and colleagues. So instil these in your children when they are young. Speak about respecting others, sharing and limiting device use.

Real World Rules

They will not be kids forever, so they need to learn how to handle money and look after themselves. Set rules around good practices in both these areas.