They probably won’t snuggle in bed with you on a lazy Sunday morning, but birds still make excellent pets. Here’s why…

1: Low Maintenance

Let’s face it, dogs are a pretty high maintenance pet with all the walking, feeding, patting and poop cleaning. Birds are much lower maintenance by comparison. They can be placed inside their cage while you are at work and you don’t have to worry about walking them or toileting accidents.

2: Grooming

Birds are naturally hygienic animals and they regularly preen their feathers. No need for shampoo, flea baths and haircuts! All they need is the occasional nail trim and a plain water shower once a week.

3: Social Interaction

Birds can be every bit as loving as a furry friend with the right socialisation. As they are incredibly intelligent, they can be taught simple tricks too.

4: Inexpensive

Once you have your initial cage set up, the costs of maintaining a bird are very low. You will have to buy them pellet food, but that’s about it!

5: No Space, No Problem!

If you live in an apartment or small home then you can still have a bird. They don’t need a large space to run around, simply a cosy corner for their cage.