A group holiday sounds like a great idea in theory, but in practice it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. By quite literally flying solo you get to follow your own schedule. But that is not the only benefit of travelling alone, there are 5 other reasons for why you should do it in 2018.

1: Immerse Yourself In Culture

There’s so much to see and do in a new country that you will want to fully immerse yourself in the culture. But that can be hard to do if you have another person there. Whether or not they mean to, they can distract you away from your immersion.

When you are alone you have no one to rely on but yourself, so you have to take the bull by the horns and jump right in. But with someone else by your side, they can act as a kind of safety net. It is easier to talk to someone you know than someone you don’t. So you may miss the opportunity to experience the culture by gossiping about it instead!

Their attitude and perspective might also affect your journey. With no outside influences you can fully enjoy a destination the way you want to and make the most of every opportunity.

2: Be In The Driver’s Seat

When you travel with another person you have to consider their feelings and preferences. They can affect the foods you eat, the places you stay and the activities you do (or don’t get to do). You lose an element of control on the trip.

If your ideas of fun clash, then you might be forced to do things you don’t enjoy or miss out on the things you do. That’s why travelling alone can be more relaxing as you don’t have to consider someone else’s preferences. You can do what you want to do when you want to do it.

3: Relish Your Privacy

Spending all day, every day with other people (no matter how much you love them) can be taxing. Even if you are naturally tolerant, you might find that you reach your limit with a travel companion always being there.

Not having to worry about who is watching can help you make the most of your holiday. Especially if you want to walk around the hotel in your underwear or have a holiday romance. Unwind, think about yourself and do exactly what you want to do without any prying eyes watching or documenting your antics on social media.

4: Really Socialise

The people you meet and making new friendships with them is part of the fun of travelling. If you are by yourself then you can really engage with those people and create some memorable experiences. If they invite you to attend a party or a tour then you can do it guilt free without other people’s expectations weighing on you.

Traveling with another person will make you feel obligated to spend time with them. That can take time away from the social opportunities to meet new people. You could miss the chance to get to know a culture, or to meet other travellers and local residents.

5: Realise Your Dreams

Have you put off taking that dream trip because you needed to work in with other people? Perhaps you want to backpack Europe, but your partner or friends would rather explore the USA. You want to explore the world, but your parents would rather stay close to home. It is very easy for your travel dreams to remain unrealised.

So, take everyone else out of the equation and live that dream. You won’t regret taking the plunge and making lifelong memories.