Your elevator pitch needs to be a small message with a big impact. It should be able to tell people exactly what you do and how you can solve their problem in a couple of short sentences.

Include these 5 things…

1: Ideal Client

Convince the right people that you can help them by describing who your ideal client is. For example: ‘I help circus performers perfect their tightrope act.’ Tightrope walkers are going to be all over you, but you won’t have to waste your time in tyre kickers

2: The Benefits

Tell people that you can make their life better by explaining the benefits of your services. For example: ‘I help businesses squeeze more car parking spaces into the same area with one clever technique’.

3: Solve Their Problem

Everyone has a problem that needs solving. Tell them how your business can solve theirs. For example: ‘My automated system will save you 10 hours a month on invoicing’

4: The Results

Describe the result that you can provide for them. The ideal situation that they want to get to with using your business. For example: ‘The end result, a happy healthy dog that you never have to walk again.’

5: Leave Them Wanting More

Don’t give away all the popsicles in one go, leave some saved in the ice cream truck. Make people want to ask more about what you can do.