1: Be Choosy

Don’t try to pack too many ideas into your speech. Pick one or two main points and stick to them. This allows you to fully elaborate on your ideas instead of rushing onto the next point.

2: Write Like You Talk

You are writing a speech, not an essay. You want your content to be conversational and engaging. Try using short sentences, simple language and expression. Reading your speech aloud as you write will help you to pick out any pieces that don’t read well.

3: Know The Facts

If you want people to trust your knowledge then you need to have your facts straight. Don’t completely fill your speech with boring statistics. But have proof to back up your arguments.

4: Be Persuasive

Don’t sit on the fence. Take a stand on an issue and then use a standard speech structure to persuade people. Highlight the problem in the first part of your speech, then describe the solution in the second half.

5: Simplify

You will always write more than you need. Take the time to edit out the parts that are unnecessary and don’t add to your argument. Having fewer words makes it easier to get your point across.