After years of destruction from humans, our environment is suffering. We need to work hard to reverse the damage and preserve what we have. Here is how you can keep our environment clean and green…

1: Motivate Your Community

Get your community on board with conservation of local waterways and green areas, recycling, and even community gardens.

2: Plant Native Trees

Planting trees native to the environment will create clean living spaces and encourage local wildlife. Trees are a source of pure oxygen. They negate the effects of pollution and preserve our earth for future generations.

3: Change Transportation

Swap your car for your feet, a bike or public transport to reduce carbon emissions. If you must use a car then try to carpool with others and condense all your errands into one trip.

4: Buy Locally

Buying local goods will mean less pollution from long transportation routes, less packaging and less processing. It also means delicious, fresh produce. You could even try growing your own.

5: Conserve Water

With clean drinking water threatened by pollution, it is important to conserve the resources that we have. Fix dripping taps, water leaks and overflows. Try collecting rain water to water the garden and clean the cars.