Do you get sick of telling the kids to tidy their rooms? Well if you use these 5 tips for decluttering the space then you won’t be yelling for much longer!

1: Have A Toy Rotation

The more stuff you have, the longer it takes to tidy. Rotate the toys in your house around so that the kids don’t get the chance to get bored of them. There will also be less to pick up at tidying time.

2: Kid Proof The Closet

Arrange the closet contents so that your kids can’t mess it up easily. Don’t have anything in reach of young children. But as they get older and more responsible, make sure they can reach the stuff they need without accidentally pulling other things out at the same time.

3: Label Toy Bins

Have a logical labelled place for everything and make it easy for your kids to find. Use picture labels for non-readers.

4: Use Wall Space

Utilise the space on the walls by storing things like books on fixed shelves. Anchor them to the wall and place the books with the covers facing out. Then the kids can see each book without needing to pull all of the others out.

5: Change Your Approach

It can seem too overwhelming when you demand that your child tidy their entire room. They probably just won’t do it at all. Instead, have them focus on a segmented list of tasks that will get the job done. First pick up the puzzle pieces, then pick up the soft toys, then…