It is really important to maintain a clean and tidy workplace. Not only for hygiene reasons, but also for the perception the outside world will have of your business. Dirt and mess aren’t exactly going to give them the best impression of your business.

But apart from those reasons, there is a less obvious explanation… a clean office can actually increase your productivity levels. Want to know more? Let’s explore how.

Healthier Employees

It is obvious really, if your employees take less sick days then your productivity levels will be higher. You certainly want to maintain health at your workplace because it is thought that just one sick employees can infect up to 50% of their colleagues within 4 hours. Imagine the sick days then!

A clean workplace does not harbour nasty germs. And if you keep vitamin packed fresh fruit on hand, as well as readily available chilled water, your team will be able to revitalise themselves throughout the day. This stops them from burning out, boosts their energy and also boosts their immune system.

Tidier and Maintained Office Spaces

Did you know that dirty office equipment is a fire hazard?

Dirty equipment can short circuit and overheat. This causes a major fire hazard. And with all the paper documentation kept within an office, that is just fuel for the fire. To minimise the risk of fire spreading, keep your offices tidy, empty your waste-paper bins and maintain your equipment.

Dirty office equipment is less likely to last, running up costly replacement bills. Instead of having to replace every piece of equipment in the office, it is far easier to clean and maintain the equipment that you already have.

Staff Feeling

It goes without saying that morale will be low in a dirty and dingy office. A light, bright and clean office shows your team members that you respect them enough to provide them a great space to work in.

When there is dust to breathe in, sticky keyboards to avoid and gross bathrooms to navigate, people don’t want to stick around. Offices like this are the ones with the high staff turnover and an unproductive workforce. Clutter, bad odours and disgusting toilets are not going to encourage you to work your hardest! When your senses are compromised, then so is your productivity.

Having Standards

The way that people view your business is all about perception. You need to give them the right feeling about your business to encourage trust. If they don’t get that good feeling, then watch out!

People form their perceptions based on looks in the first instance. Surely a well organised, clean, fresh office would have impeccable systems to match. But what kind of systems will they imagine if your office is a dirty, dingy den of clutter and chaos.

It is not only outsiders to your office that form these sight based perceptions. Your staff will react to their office environment in either a positive or negative way. If you keep a dirty office then they may believe that your processes are equally disorganised, and that you do not have high business standards. This can affect their quality of work, giving them an excuse to slack off and influence overall productivity.

As Good As Home

You want your team to feel happy and relaxed at the office so that they are happy to stay and work their allocated hours, or more if you have a tight deadline. But to be able to encourage that, you need a clean workspace or they will take every opportunity to leave.

It starts with going offsite for lunch because the kitchen isn’t up to scratch, then it progresses to leaving early, and even leaving the business if it gets bad enough. If they are comfortable to stay at the office to cook lunch and interact with their colleagues, it will increase staff morale.

Ensure your office is cleaned on a regular basis to combat dust, dirt and germs. You will also want to negate the poor hygiene habits of some employees who may not wash their hands after going to the toilet. Regularly cleaning the office will keep bacteria at bay, helping to boost the general health of everyone at your office.