When the weather starts to turn cold we tend to hide away in our houses until the warmth and sunshine return. But there are actual benefits to being outdoors in winter.
They are…

1: Better Air Quality
Did you know that the air pollution inside is almost 10 times worse than outdoors with the potential of dust particles, chemicals from cleaning or personal products, and mould in the air?
2: Vitamin D Power
You require at least 15 minutes outside in the sun for your body to soak up the vitamin D you need for the day. If you don’t get that amount you run the risk of developing a deficiency.
3: Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder
In winter this form of depression is very common. Getting out in the fresh air can help to prevent it developing. Even if you don’t suffer from SAD, lack of sunlight and fresh air can really affect your mood.
4: Forest Therapy
Getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spending time in nature can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and even fight infection and tumour cells.
5: Ease Anxiety
Just being outside can improve your mood. So, if you are anxious about something, grab a few minutes of fresh air.
6: Ground Yourself
The practice of grounding connects you with the earth through your bare feet. Your body draws in the earth’s electric charges, allowing them to flow through you. This can mean better sleep and reduced inflammation.

Time to head outdoors and reap the benefits!