Debt can weigh on you and affect your ability to move forward with your plans. So here are some creative ways to clear that debt quicker…

1: Yard Sale

Round up all the household things you don’t need anymore and have a yard sale. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you find some individual valuable items then you might choose to sell those online so you can reach a greater audience.

2: Coin Jar

Save all your spare change and put it in a jar. When it is full, take it to the bank and make an additional payment off the debt of your choice.

3: Coupons

Not just for obsessive couponers! Use coupons to save on your everyday shopping, then bank the money you saved against your debts.

4: Hire Yourself

Instead of paying someone to cut the grass or clean your kitchen, do it yourself and use the money you would have spent as an extra debt payment.

5: Paid Opinions

Sign up to take online surveys for money, then put your earnings against your debts.

6: Bank The Extras

Do you still get birthday money from Great Aunt Muriel, or a Christmas bonus from work? Don’t blow it on junk you don’t need, put it against your debt.

7: Cash In Your Talent

Do you have a hobby that could make you some money? Then sell your services to the community.