Stress is an ever-present factor in most of our lives. So here are seven tips to negate that stress to keep your mind calm and peaceful…

1: Meditate: Take 10 minutes every day to focus your mind and negate the negative effects of stress. You can also up your productivity.

2: Gratitude: Life can get you down sometimes. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects, focus on the positive and all the things that you are grateful for.

3: Hush The Internal Critic: No one can be more critical about you, than you. Keep that critic in check by paying attention to your own thoughts and stopping the negative ones in their tracks.

4: Be Kind To Yourself: Allow yourself the same compassion that you would show a good friend when that inner critic bubbles up.

5: Have A Routine: There is a reason that children like structure in their day. You know what to expect and there are fewer decisions to make, freeing your mind up for more important things.

6: Write Things Down: Try keeping a journal to release big thoughts from your mind. Also, try a to-do list to get the tasks down on the page in front of you.

7: Exercise: The endorphins released when you exercise calm the mind. The physical activity itself relieves any stress you are holding onto.