If you are having a bad day, then try these 7 tips to break yourself out of a funk…

1: Smiling at friendly strangers will give you the feelgood factor when they smile back.

2: Know what makes you laugh and tap into often. Whether it is lame Dad jokes, a funny movie or a comedy show - laughter keeps the blues away.

3: Doing something nice for someone in need will make you realise that things in your own life aren’t that bad.

4: Sweat out the bad feelings and get the happy endorphins pumping.

5: Focus on the good things, not the bad things.

6: It can be irritating if your best-laid plans get spoiled, but if you expect the unexpected it can take the sting out of any disappointment.

7: Practicing gratitude each day allows you to be thankful for all the wonderful things you have in your life. They will outweigh the negatives.