To keep a harmonious relationship in the office, there are certain etiquette rules you must follow in the lunchroom.

These are…

1: Don’t eat anyone else’s food, only eat what you have brought in yourself.

2: Clean up after yourself, those dishes are not going to wash themselves.

3: Throw out expired food items that you haven’t eaten, especially leftovers and yoghurt in the communal fridge.

4: If you take the last of the coffee then make another pot. That goes with hot water in the jug too, refill it and reboil it if you use the last.

5: Don’t gossip or try and talk shop. The lunchroom is a place to relax and enjoy your food, not awkward chit chat

6: Don’t hog the microwave by leaving your food in there and then going back to your office. Oh and don’t reheat stinky food like fish.

7: Don’t blow your nose, cough, or groom yourself in the lunchroom, that is what the bathroom is for.

By following these rules, you will remain onside with your co-workers and prevent unnecessary conflict.