1. Listen To Music
    Powering up a playlist that fits the vibe of your workout of choice can help you feel more empowered to hit the gym.
  2. Have Omega 3’s
    Omega-3s have been shown to augment blood flow to muscles during exercise,” which can help ease tension and allow the muscles to relax and be less inflamed.
  3. Talk It Out
    Repeat your specific goal—in your head and aloud. “I will squat X pounds,” you tell yourself. Write it down and post it on your bathroom mirror, or in your gym locker. The more you say it and see it, the more you’ll believe it—and achieve it.
  4. Imagine How You’ll Feel Afterwards
    Psyching yourself up to go to gym is tough when you’re just not in the mood. But don’t you almost always feel amazing afterwards? Try to envision yourself post workout – you’ve got a good sweat on, you’re feeling hella good and those endorphins are flowing – and you may just get a twinge of motivation to get moving.
  5. Bring Guests
    Having family or friends cheer you on helps you draw strength the way a team does from its fans.
  6. Peruse Social Media
    From workout challenges and motivational quotes to inspirational photos featuring six-pack abs, social media is an excellent motivational tool.
  7. Have Beet Juice Before
    Boost your mood and energy levels before hitting the gym in order to reap major health benefits. According to a study, experts believe that beet juice might boost endurance and help supply energize for a great workout ahead.