2018 is here and wellness is in a lot of people’s sights. But the wellness movement is beginning to mean more than personal wellness. It also includes community, country and the entire planet. There is a definite awareness that we need to band together to conserve our beautiful world. So here are the 7 wellness trends to watch for this year and to jump on board with…

1: Protect The Planet

Our earth is really starting to see the effects of human life. From pollution to population booms and climate change, we are making our presence known in a negative way. Thankfully, we are also beginning to recognise that we need to do something about it. So there will be a greater emphasis on sustainability, recycling, and reducing your carbon footprint.

2: Turning From Tech

Smartphone addiction is a real thing. What is more, people are starting to realise that technology is taking over their lives. They are uninstalling email and social media apps from their phones, or turning on airplane mode to truly switch off. Many parents are also concerned about the effects of device use on their children. So in 2018 there will be a big move towards removing dependency on devices for kids and adults alike.

3: Healthy Eating

The need to eat naturally and organically has been around for a while now. But finally the big players are starting to realise they need to make the move to healthier food options. You will start to see an increase in supermarkets stocking more natural options. They are also starting to cater more for people living with food allergies and intolerances. Hopefully the days of hunting far and wide for natural and organic options will be behind us this year.

4: Green Beauty

Eating clean and green is a mainstream concept, but the beauty industry is beginning to adopt the concept too. Being conscious about what we are putting into our bodies has grown to include what we put on our bodies. There is a real drive to remove chemicals you can’t pronounce or have never heard of, and to only use natural ingredients. Because this concept is being widely adopted there will be a lot of options available at all price points.

5: Detoxing

No longer does detoxing mean fasting and only drinking a concoction of goodness knows what. It is a true health decision to reset your body, improve your skin and your overall health. It doesn’t mean starving your body to drop as much weight as possible. In 2018 it is going back to the basics, eating simply and naturally for an overall health benefit.

6: Sleep, Sleep, Glorious Sleep

In recent years it has become popular to jam as much as you can in your day, even if that means burning the candle at both ends. Working long hours and pushing yourself to the absolute limit is no longer a sign of success. This year we are pushing to achieve that elusive work/life balance more than ever. A big part of that is getting adequate amounts of quality sleep. A full night’s sleep every night is truly the best thing you can do for your health and wellbeing and we will have it in 2018.

7: Embracing Fats

Fat is no longer the evil thing that it once was. People are starting to recognise that there are good fats and bad fats. Of course you still want to avoid too many processed foods which are high in refined fats. But you can use healthy fats in your meals to give your body energy as part of a healthy balanced diet. Watch for recipes that include popular healthy fat ingredients such as avocados, salmon, nuts, eggs, oils and dairy.