Does your company take an integrated approach to writing and sourcing your marketing content?

Or is it more a case of a frenzied rush to get something down on paper every time a deadline looms?

Do PR, Marketing and Digital even consult each other before posting the blog or social media update?

If the answer to these questions is ‘no’ then you should be considering joining the growing number of companies with a content strategy that integrates all the relevant players and marketing channels within an organisation. And just like they did, you’ll find that an integrated approach means you are getting more for your marketing buck. Read on to find out how an integrated content strategy will help you achieve your business goals.

Consistent message

With the multiple communication channels that are available to organisations nowadays, it’s very important to put forward a consistent message to existing and potential customers.  Whether it be via a newsletter, blog, social media post or through your website, a consistent message is vital to generating and enhancing brand awareness.  Disjointed customer experiences and messages will adversely affect customers’ perceptions of you. An integrated approach to content strategy that takes account of these multiple channels will make sure that you consistently present a similar message.

Cross-promotional content

Allied to the need for a consistent message, an integrated content strategy will ensure that all customer-facing departments stay on message.  One cross-organisational team with representation from PR, Marketing and Digital will be necessary to take charge of your content strategy. In this way, departmental silos will be broken down resulting in cross-promoting content.

Personalised content

Consumers now expect to see much more targeted and personalised marketing content. In much the same way as we have come to expect when we log on to iTunes personalised content based on our previous viewing history or buying choices, so your customers will expect you to offer the same. Answering questions such as ‘what’s in it for me?’ will be critical if you want to attract and convert prospects.

You could start by considering the buyer’s journey towards that decision to buy your product or service. And so as the buyer starts their journey, they are supported with content that raises their awareness and gives them basic information. As they move along the sales funnel towards consideration and purchase, they will need to be supported with more detailed content such as product specifications or customer testimonials.

An integrated approach that involves personnel from across the organisation will make the process of developing this targeted and personalised content much easier.

Take advantage of multiple channels

Chances are your prospects, and customers are using several social media sites and channels to source information about you. Bringing together all these customer touch points within your integrated content strategy will help you to maximise your reach and enhances the chances of your message getting through. It will create an overall positive experience for what will hopefully become a long-standing satisfied customer.

Integrating your content strategy will, therefore, help your organisation to work smarter and avoid any duplication of effort. Instead, your marketing content will be clear, consistent and relevant, helping you to attract and retain more prospects and customers. And that is good for business.

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