You may be surprised at the emotive ploys you will both pull on behalf of your top baby names. However if you already know the sex of your baby you’ve halved the battle, and so we have some gender prediction tests that can help you guess the sex of your baby. If you have decided you want a Maori or Polynesian name, have a look at our Maori and Polynesian baby names list.

Why Disagree over Baby’s Name?
“What is there to not disagree over?” would be the response from many couples who’ve been through the baby naming process. Choosing a baby name is a very emotive and personally important process - it can be hard enough for one person to decide; let alone for two to agree!

  • What if one partner likes unique baby names, while the other’s taste veers towards more traditional baby names? Or what if their tastes are very different?
  • What if one person really wants to honour a family member but their partner dislikes the name?
  • What if one partner has always dreamed of naming their first baby a specific baby name, but it is not to their partners liking?

Points to Ponder when Choosing your Top Baby Name
If you have found a baby name you both love you have our congratulations - however don’t finalise your choice until you’ve considered the following points. Also take a look at our top 10 tips for choosing the perfect baby name:

  • How popular is your baby name? If you don’t want your child to share their name with a classmate you might want to check out the baby name websites that contain lists of top baby names for 2007, top baby names for 2008, and in the future 2009, 2010 etc.
  • Is your favourite baby name similar to an existing brother or sister? Similar baby names among siblings can cause confusion, with each being called the wrong name by ageing relatives.
  • Does your favourite baby name have the same initials as another immediate family member? This can also cause confusion, with everyone uncertain as to whom a letter that has arrived in the post really belongs to.
  • Does your top baby name shorten nicely? If you love the grandness of ‘Alexander’, will you also cherish the baby name ‘Alex’?
  • Is your top baby name easy to pronounce and spell? If it is not, will you mind hearing new friends stumble over your baby’s name or miss-spell it in a card?

How To Agree on a Baby Boy or Baby Girl Name
First you need to take a deep breath and realise that disagreeing is a positive step towards finding your top baby name. When your partner disagrees, you are being challenged to think about what you really like in that name, re-consider your choice, and expand your options. Have a look at our tips below for agreeing on a baby boy name and/or baby girl name:

  • If you can not agree between a unique or traditional baby name, why not use one as the first name, and one as the middle name? This gives your child the choice of using either their first or middle name once they are older.
  • If you do not like the family name your partner wants to use, consider a form of compromise. The family name could be used as a middle name, or it could be shortened, or combined with another name to make it more agreeable.
  • It is nice to dream about baby names you love while you are young and single. But if you’re lucky enough to have your dream of a baby become a reality you may want to think about letting go of your dream name, and finding a name you will both love for a lifetime. Again, you can always consider using it as a middle name.
  • Make baby name lists. You may like to each write up your own top baby names lists and once you are finished swap baby name lists and see if there are any names you both liked. You could then write up a shared master baby name list.
  • Pull out the delay tactics. Once you’ve compiled a baby name list you may both need a bit of time out. Some names grow on you over time, and some names lose their appeal.
  • Once you get the list down to a few popular baby names you may like to leave the final decision until you meet your baby. Seeing your baby for the first time may make the choice suddenly seem obvious.