Do you think a CCTV System is just for security purposes?

Think again!

There are lots of other beneficial ways that you can use CCTV in your business to help develop and protect you, your premises, and your staff members.

Some of the ways are to monitor staff safety and productiveness, to keep accurate records on incidents and customer movements, and also for real time access so that you can see what is happening when you aren’t physically onsite.

Let’s look into these points in a little more detail.


Monitor Staff Productiveness And Safety

Traditionally CCTV cameras have been used to monitor your premises against the risk of outside intruders. But you can also use your camera system to make sure things are running smoothly within your business.

There are a number of benefits for ensuring safety and encouraging staff productiveness:

Identification: Your closed circuit feed can help you to identify risks and hazards in a real life situation. Note areas where hazards could occur and monitor how each team member is completing their tasks. They may unintentionally be doing something to cause a risk to their colleagues or environment. Identifying it by CCTV allows you to then put a system in place to manage the risks.

Real Life Examples: Transform your training sessions from hypothetical situations to real life examples. You can use those hazards and risks you identified and recorded on CCTV as part of ongoing staff training so that everyone can see a real life example of the risks you are speaking about.

Awareness: If you have a CCTV system at your workplace, your team are going to aware of the fact that they are on camera. This heightened awareness will ensure that they follow procedure correctly - if they don’t, they are caught on camera! Installing a camera in a high risk area can significantly reduce the number of risks taken by staff members. It is important to note that it is not about catching your staff out, but keeping them safe.


Keep Accurate Records

You can gather a lot of information from your CCTV feeds. As well as monitoring staff safety and productiveness, you can also keep accurate records that you can analyse and learn from.

If an incident does occur onsite, then you have first hand proof of what actually took place. This information can be analysed and used to prevent the same incidents from happening again. You also have accurate proof and detail that you can provide to the police or relevant authorities if it is required.

You can also use your recorded data to help grow your business. If you are in retail you can analyse your customer movements. Check when your busy times are so that you can be adequately resourced with staff, and also when your quiet times are - the best time for your staff to take their breaks.


Real Time Remote Access

You can’t possibly be everywhere at once, but your CCTV feed can be. It gives you real time access to what is happening at your business at all times. This can be helpful for a number of reasons.

In some workplaces, it is vital to ensure that certain machinery is working as it should. CCTV can help you monitor that and detect if any issues are about to arise. If a machine is malfunctioning or faulting, then you can get onto a solution instantly. This protects your staff, your assets, and allows you to contain the problem before it gets any worse.

At Smartway we also provide CCTV systems for farming businesses. This allows them to regularly check on their stock and all areas of the farm. We can also install cameras within barns or other farm buildings to monitor birthing or sick animals.

Finally, you can also prevent that nagging feeling from keeping you up all night. Did you actually turn the lights off and set the alarm before you left? Don’t wonder about it, check out what you did on the CCTV instead!


If you are interested in installing CCTV at your workplace, then get in touch with us here at Smartway. We can even come to you and show you our full systems in action with our fully equipped demonstration van. Give us a call on 0800 93 63 63 to book your free demonstration.