Buying, selling or renovating are all significant life events and so it’s a good idea to ensure you’re protected by insurance.

Buying a new house

If at all possible arrange house insurance ahead of time as insurers may need extra information such as building reports, and if it’s an older home, details of re-wiring or new plumbing.

Selling your home

If you want a quick settlement, then provide as much information as possible about your home’s build and history so the purchasers can organise insurance ahead of completion. What’s more, notify your insurers of the settlement date and let them know if you will be vacating before the moving day. Even if the house is empty you will still need to be covered by insurance.

Moving house

Many contents insurance policies do not cover your household items when they are in transit, so check with your insurance company and consider buying extra insurance for the move. Some moving companies also offer insurance covering the time from when they pack up your contents to delivery at your new home.

Renovation projects

Taking out contract works insurance is a good idea when planning major structural projects as it will cover any potential damage caused during the work. Renovations such as replacing the roof or redoing the kitchen can all be covered by such a policy.