At least 3 times a day our phone rings with an enquiry about shipping personal items to Fiji. And with the silly season fast approaching, we expect that number to increase a lot!

So, we decided to put this article together to answer some of the regular questions we get asked about the process.

If you are planning to ship some items to Fiji then you have two options, air freight or sea freight. With Christmas fast approaching, you need to make sure you keep timeframe in mind and the contents of your shipment must meet the airline and sea freight regulations. But once you have all of those boxes ticked, the process is an easy one with UB Freight!

Read on to find out more.


How Can I Send My Personal Items?

There are two options for sending your effects over to Fiji. For both options, we offer an end to end service where we can package your goods, arrange for the export documents, transport the items to Fiji, complete customs clearances upon arrival and notify you when the goods are ready to be collected from our warehouse.

Here are your options:

1: Air Freight  

Small, light shipments can be sent via Air Freight. There are two flights to Nadi per week, one on a Wednesday and one on the weekend. The flight goes overnight, and then the goods are transported to our warehouse until they are cleared through customs. You will then be notified that your shipment is ready to collect.

All Air Freight shipments must be flown into Nadi as that is the only international airport in Fiji. But we can arrange for the shipment to be transported to Suva by road if needed.

2: Sea Freight

For larger consignments and heavier items, we recommend sending them via sea freight. There is a weekly sea freight service from Auckland to Fiji, with a 6-8 day sailing time. The same process applies where you will be notified that the shipment is ready for collection once customs clearances have taken place.


Keep Christmas In Mind

Many people love to send gifts to their friends or family in Fiji, and as we all know, there is no better time to send a gift than at Christmas.

But you need to keep in mind that everyone else is sending gifts at this time of year also. So a shipment that only took a week earlier in the year, could take much longer during the silly season.

The Christmas period is the busiest time of year for the airlines as they are not only transporting cargo from A to B, but they are transporting a larger volume of people wanting to travel for the holidays. In previous years we have seen many delays in shipments due to flights being changed or delayed, or aircraft that are running at full capacity needing to reduce the amount of cargo they are carrying.

UB Freight offers competitive rates throughout the whole year, so we don’t recommend leaving your shipment until the last minute. It is far better to ship your goods in November before the rush begins, rather than waiting for December.


Everybody Loves Gifts!

We see lots of different items being shipped to Fiji. The most common are gifts of clothing, snacks, toys and books. But there are lots of other things that are shipped too.

One thing you need to be very mindful of when sending gifts is the airline regulations. There are some items that are not allowed to fly in an airfreight consignment. Even though perfume makes a fantastic gift, it is a big no-no to send via air freight. As are aerosol cans.

Electronics are another popular gift, but if they contain a lithium battery, then they are not allowed to be included in a consignment. So items like laptops or cell phones cannot be sent via air freight.

Obviously, you are not able to ship dangerous or flammable goods either.


Easy And Affordable Service

UB Freight makes shipping personal effects and gifts easy. Simply give us a call and arrange a time to bring your shipment into our depot. When you are there, we can weight everything and recommend if it is better to send your items via air or sea. We base that decision on the weight and size of the items, and the timeframe that you need it in Fiji by.

Our pricing is straightforward. It is $1 per kilo to pack your shipment, then freight charges, export fees and terminal charges (local Fiji handling fees) are additional.

Simply bring your goods in, we will weight and measure them, as well as completing the necessary documentation. Then, you can pay the fee and we will get the shipment on its way!


Here is a fun fact for you. Did you know that the UB in UB Freight stands for Unaccompanied Baggage? When UB Freight began in 2001, our core business was as a personal effects freight forwarder. Even though we handle commercial shipments as well now, our roots have always been in handling personal shipments. So we know our stuff!

If you are looking to send some personal effects or gifts to Fiji, then give us a call on 09 966 3850 or message us at [email protected]