In days gone by, you might not have wanted to eat the meal in front of you, let alone ask for another one. But those days are gone (thankfully!) Now, airline meals have seriously improved, especially with the likes of certain celebrity chefs doing guest stints with major airlines.

So, the question is… can you ask for another plan meal if you are still hungry after your first?

The answer is actually yes!

Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

Airlines are like any other service industry, they want to please their customers. They certainly wouldn’t want to think of people going hungry on their flights. After all, in this age of online reviews, their reputation is on the line.

That means that if you are still hungry, you are well within your rights to ask for something else to eat. Of course when on a plane there is always a limited supply of meals, so there may not be enough left for you to have a second helping. But there is always the world famous packet of peanuts or pretzels on hand.

According to airline attendants asking for another meal is quite an uncommon request. People don’t seem to know that they can do it. But if you were rushing for your plane and forgot lunch, or you encounter a small portion, you can easily be hungry after your first meal. Try your luck and ask an attendant, if there are any meals left then the answer should be yes.

Saving The Planet?

Airlines produce as much as 5 million tonnes of rubbish each year. A large proportion of that is food rubbish. Because airlines have to be compliant with food safety standards, they need to dispose of any unused fresh food at the end of a flight. That means it goes in the bin, packaging and all.

If you ask for an extra meal, then you are rescuing that food from the bin! You are also allowing the packaging to be separated from the food, in the hope that some of it might be recycled.

What Else Is Available?

There are some other things that you can ask for while you are in the air. These are items designed to make you more comfortable, not act as a supermarket replacement! The following items are generally available if you ask a flight attendant nicely…

  • Paracetamol, a plaster, or any other basic first aid items

  • Activity packs for children (especially if the IPad has gone flat!)

  • Extra water or beverages

  • A tour of the cockpit (when you are on the ground after the flight)

  • Special requests - Emirates will even provide you with a birthday cake if you give them 24 hours notice

The general consensus is that flight attendants will try to make your flight as comfortable as possible. So if you need something, just ask!