Have you been thinking about updating the signage at your school or workplace?

Then you should definitely consider an LED sign. Not only are they are a cost effective way to reach your community with easily updateable messaging, but they are a modern, professional, environmentally friendly option.

But not all electronic signs are created equal. And neither are their suppliers.

So let’s look into the three main things you need to consider when choosing the right sign and supplier for your business or school. They are Quality, Customer Service, and Service Capability.



You know when something seems too good to be true? Well, it probably is. And that is the case with electronic signs that are priced very cheaply. When it comes to signage, price is a huge indication of quality. Cheaper prices mean lesser quality.

Almost all LED signs are manufactured in China where quality varies. Chinese manufacturers offer three categories of signs:

  1. Low quality: built primarily for the Chinese market, have a short lifespan and poor serviceability

  2. Low end export quality: a budget product that is slightly better than the low quality option, but still does not have a significant life expectancy and will generally require a lot of maintenance

  3. High end export quality: a more expensive product, but has a much better service life and lower maintenance costs.

Unfortunately, many local companies are importing the lowest quality signs and advertising them as high end products. WiPath is not one of those companies. We offer only the highest quality products so that we can provide the very best options to our clients.


Customer Service

Products are not the only thing that makes a business. The best products in the world would not sell if the service did not match the quality.

Any time that a new technology starts to become popular, many ‘experts’ seem to emerge out of the woodwork. But it is worth checking into their levels of expertise. How long has your supplier been in business and what is their experience with the technology?

You want to look for a company that has been in continuous business for at least 20 years, has proven expertise and established long term trust in the market. You also want to work with a business that has an in-house technical service capability like WiPath do. If they are sub-contracting the service or not offering it at all, then you should steer clear!


Service Capability

Every business has individual needs when it comes to signage. Even something that seems simple - choosing the type of sign - can be harder than you think. There is not a one size fits all option. For example, we have three main types of signs at WiPath:

  • Post Style: Generally a lower cost option where the sign’s purpose is primarily to communicate with your community and customers

  • Plinth or Pylon Style: Usually a little more expensive but is a great option when image and branding are important elements

  • Custom Structure: A fully customised option that allows for unique cultural features, images or special character elements in the signage design

You need a supplier that is going to consider your needs. You don’t want an off-the-shelf option. You want something that can be customised to your requirements. Correct engineering is a major consideration for LED signage, so you need a supplier who has expertise in electronics, software integration and development, structural engineering, signwriting, and electrical supply.


WiPath is the only company in the NZ electronic sign industry that has been in continuous business for over 25 years and is able to offer a full service capability pre and post sale.  

Every sign we create is built exactly to the requirement of our customers. We don’t import signs in bulk and then try to sell them off regardless of whether they are suitable for your environment and requirement.

So, if you are interested in knowing more about a high quality sign that is backed by excellent service capabilities, then get in touch with us here at WiPath today.