Happy New Year and welcome to 2018!

2018 has been long anticipated for the NDIS being rolled out in the Brisbane, Logan City, Redland City, and the Fraser coast, North and South Burnett and Cherbourg, also Cairns and areas in FNQ.

For 121 Care Clients living in Brisbane, Kingaroy and Guardien Group Clients in the Redland Bay area this means we are now gearing up for NDIS registration, preplanning, and planning meetings. It was anticipated that participants would be able to register 6 months prior to the commencement date, and already participants are receiving letters from the NDIS. It is a very exciting time!

The steps we are working toward are:

  • Letters being received
  • Contact the NDIS, this will include providing the participants name, Date of Birth, address and the reference number provided by the NDIS which is found on the top left corner of the letter.
  • The NDIS will let then ask a few more questions and will then send an application form to be completed if necessary.
  • The next stage will be the NDIS making a time for a planning meeting.

This is the time you will use the information you have gathered in your pre-planning meeting and supporting documents to complete your plan.

Remember this is your opportunity to speak of your goals and how you will achieve them.

121care are here to support you all the way with your NDIS pre-planning and support you in your planning meeting if you wish.

Over the coming weeks, 121 Care will be holding information sessions for clients and employees. Along with opportunities for 1 to 1 pre-planning sessions.

The Client Services team will be contacting clients to check if they would like support to commence their pre-planning, and make a time to meet.