Most people may be winding down in anticipation of the holiday season; however, for some people it’s their busiest time of year. And we’re not talking about retailers here! No, thieves and burglars positively love the holiday season because of the huge number of unguarded businesses and homes as people make the holiday exodus. So if you want to avoid some nasty surprises upon your return to work, then follow these tips to keep your business safe.

Lock up your valuables

You may have locked up the cashbox, but what about chequebooks and any invoices or printed materials with your bank account details that may be lying around the office? It’s surprising how many people overlook the obvious steps. And while you’re at it, put away out of sight all other valuable company property in a secure or lockable area.

Watch out for any suspicious activity

In the run up to the holiday season keep an eye out for anyone loitering or hanging around the workplace and carpark. Burglars often survey a business before they strike so make sure you report any suspicious or unusual activity and behaviour to the police.

Use technological solutions

Most businesses will have a burglar alarm and security system already installed, but it might be worth considering an upgrade as the technology continues to rapidly advance. You may, for example, want to consider Wi-Fi enabled, motion detection cameras that you can keep a check on through a smartphone app. Night vision and two-way audio are additional layers of security you can implement. It’s well worth investigating the possibilities – often it’s not as expensive as you might have first thought and if you weigh up the expense of upgrading your security versus the costs of a break in, then often it’s a cost-effective solution.

Be wary of fundraisers

Christmas is an important time of year for charities wanting to do good during the festive season. It’s not uncommon, however, for thieves to pose as charity fundraisers in order to gain access to a workplace so they can evaluate entry points and get an idea of the layout of the office and where valuables are kept. So be cautious of any fundraisers that want to access the office beyond the reception area.

Ask neighbours to keep a watchful eye

Not all businesses shut down over the Christmas period and so it’s worth checking with neighbouring business owners to see if anyone is able to keep a watchful eye on things while you’re away.

As a business owner you work hard all year round and deserve some rest and relaxation over the holiday season. But if you want your Christmas to be memorable for all the right reasons, then use these tips to make sure that in your absence, your business is as secure as possible.