There are so many great ways that your business can benefit by having a company magazine. Check out the top reasons here…

Multiple Purposes

Your magazine could serve multiple purposes, both as an in-house publication and as a resource to distribute to clients.

An in-house periodical is a great way to build camaraderie and loyalty in your team, and it also provides a forum for the exchange and discussion of ideas within the company. Use it as a convenient way to distribute your brand in an appealing way too.

Soft Selling Opportunities 

Instead of handing your clients a product catalogue and price list - which is quite obviously a sales tactic - you can give them a copy of your company magazine. Because of the attractive way that it is presented and the quality of the content inside, it won’t feel like a hard sell.

However, you still get to put your brand in front of your clients. So there is still the opportunity to make sales in a softer way. You can provide useful information, invite your clients into your company, allow them to get to know your team members and put faces to the names.

Be the Expert 

Providing great content, with various benefits, allows you to be seen as an expert in your field. People like dealing with experts because they feel like they are going to receive supreme service from someone ‘in the know’.

By printing or distributing your own company magazine, you get to share ideas with peers, employees and clients without always having individual contact with them.

Brighten the Workplace

An in-house magazine can improve staff morale and also improve the work environment at your organisation. And if people are happy in their work, they are going to be more productive and have less time away from the office.

As well as keeping your team members happy, you also gain a fabulous marketing tool when you distribute a magazine.

Present Information Differently

Sometimes people get sick of seeing the same types of content again and again. A company magazine is a new and unique way of presenting information and your brand. A professionally created magazine can communicate the ideas and goals of your business, in the friendliest way.

So, there you have it, the benefits of a company magazine. Not only do you get to increase your brand awareness and build a relationship of authority with your customers, but you also get to boost your staff morale.

Don’t delay in getting your message out there!

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