How do you currently source information about local events, news and offers from businesses in your neighbourhood? Chances are you use a variety of ways including searching the web, email mailing lists, local newspapers, social media and so on. But who has the time for all that? How much easier and quicker would it be if everything you needed to know locally was at your fingertips in one central information hub? Well, that’s exactly what the new FREE PYPER app offers. Let’s find out more.

What is PYPER?

It’s a simple but very effective idea. PYPER is a world-first FREE app that sends you messages about what’s happening and what’s available in your local area. News and alerts are based on your own personal preferences which you set to reflect your interests and the local businesses you love. It could be your nearest coffee shop, hairdressers, Thai restaurant, liquor store or even the footie club.

How does it work?

PYPER sends alerts direct to your smartphone from businesses within your preference settings with news and information on special offers and deals, local events, discounted lines or sales. What’s more, you won’t be constantly bombarded with notifications as you can easily turn alerts on and off to suit your schedule and needs.

When would I use it?

The simple answer is any time you need to as PYPER is available 24/7. And so, let’s say, for example, it’s Saturday night, and you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a family meal out. Simply open up your PYPER app and see which of your favourite local restaurants and eateries has a special deal on.  Or maybe it’s Wednesday afternoon, and you’ve finished work early and need to get a haircut. Rather than phoning around local hairdressers to see who has availability, all you need to do is check your PYPER app. And likewise, if you need to get your car serviced, check out who’s available locally – they may even have a special PYPER rate too!

PYPER means you’re the first to hear about what’s going on locally. And it also means you’ll be supporting local businesses and the local community.

Sounds good but how much does it cost?

The PYPER app is free to download in the App Store or on Google Play. There are no ongoing costs or charges to users although receiving an alert may impact on a user’s data plan. The cost, however, is likely to be minimal.

Great, how do I sign up?

It’s easy – just download the FREE app in the App Store or Google Play and start connecting with the local business you love today!

For more information on PYPER and how it works check out this video or contact us on 1300 598 520 or [email protected]