With the cost of living and operating a business on the increase, many people are looking to ways to reduce their expenditure in order to improve their profitability and remove the rising dread of opening the monthly bank statement.

One method of lowering costs is through reducing the amount that you spend on services such as power and gas. When it comes to reducing power consumption, one of the first places people look is reducing heating costs and improving insulation.

While this is a great place to start, there’s another area that is often overlooked.

Saving Money through Lighting

If you operate a retail store or large office, chances are that you’ll have a large number of bulbs that provide your lighting. With so many bulbs, the effect on your power bill of a slightly inefficient bulb choice is multiplied by the number of bulbs you have and so can result in you paying far more per year for your power.

Another way that your lighting may be costing your business much more than it should is through the use of bulbs with short life spans. Many cheaper bulbs expire quickly and need to be frequently replaced, costing your business further time and money. Bulbs that have expired and aren’t immediately replaced can also have a negative impact on the overall look of your retail store.

Better Bulbs for Better Lighting

When it comes to lighting, it’s important to understand that there is actually an extensive range of light bulbs on the market and one light bulb can be very different to another. Lighting technology is always evolving. New light bulbs are becoming more efficient while producing the same or more light for longer lifespans.

Your safest bet is to avoid multi-purpose stores that may include bulbs in their product range and talk to a specialist lighting shop that really knows their stuff.

Are more expensive bulbs really more expensive?

When looking at light bulbs, the price can vary quite substantially for what looks to be a similar bulb for the same light socket. The knee-jerk reaction is to choose the cheaper bulb, especially if you are operating a retail store and have a large number of bulbs to replace. However, you really need to look at your costs in the long term.

Let’s say two different bulbs fit the same socket but one is $5 and the other is $7. You may automatically be drawn to the cheaper bulb, particularly if you’re thinking ‘Hmm, I need to buy ten of these’. However, the bigger picture is that the cheaper bulb is likely to last you a much shorter span of time than the more expensive bulb and so will need replacing much sooner. Let’s say the cheap bulb lasts for 6 months and yet the more expensive bulb lasts for 10. At the end of 5 years, you’ll have spent $50 on the cheaper bulbs and only $42 on the more expensive bulbs. A saving of $8. Now multiply that saving by the number of bulbs in your store or office and the savings start to pile up.

Choosing the Right Bulb

Not everyone can be a bulb expert and you may not have time to worry about which bulbs to buy to suit your store and your budget. The good news is that if you’re serious about saving money on your interior lighting needs, there are lighting specialists out there with staff that know exactly what they’re talking about! A good lighting store will be able to present you with a number of options for your bulbs and will be able to explain exactly why one would be better than another and how long you can expect your bulbs to last.

Take some time to relay your exact requirements to a lighting professional and they should be able to provide you will a full solution for your retail lighting needs.