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Tell me more about Big Rock Digital

Big Rock Digital is an Australian company specialising in digital marketing. We are powered by an experienced team of locally based editors, copywriters and marketers who manage social media campaigns, initiatives and email marketing for many businesses from all parts of the country, so you are in very capable, experienced and professional hands.

Who designs my email & Sales Campaigns and Social Media content, and who does the actual mailings and social media postings?
We do everything in house; design, write, send the emails in your name and from your business email address, and we manage client social media sites. Everything we do is according to industry best practices. We encourage you to continue to post to your social media sites.
Who writes all the content
We do! We engage locally based (Australia & New Zealand) copywriters to produce Australian relevant content to meet our business client’s needs. Content is stored in our Article Library under business categories, e.g. Automotive, B2B, B2C, Professional Services, Education, Health, Lifestyle, Property, Trades and others.
Will my emails be compliant with Australia’s strict anti-spam laws?
Yes – Big Rock is fully compliant with all Government legislation. We take this very seriously. See our Anti Spam Policy.
Is my valuable Contact list safe and secure with you?
Yes, it certainly is. We do not share your contact list (first name and email address is all we need) with anyone and we will not sell or otherwise use it. We store it in very secure servers. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail.
Can I change or cancel my marketing subscription at any time?
We have a recommended initial 12 month term to ensure you secure maximum return from your marketing activities. So after that Yes, you may change or cancel your subscription at any time by giving us 30 days’ written notice. There are no penalty fees for cancelling after the first 12 months. We work very hard to ensure that your subscription works for you, if it doesn’t then we will gladly cancel it.
How do your services work?
  • We do ALL the work so you don’t have to!
  • If you would like to preview and check your email campaign before it is sent to your contact list then you can certainly do that!
  • We send you a preview of your next email campaign that contains a pre-scripted introduction, recommended articles most relevant for your industry and customers, and alternative articles you may prefer. If you wish to change your introduction or the selected articles, or add your own content, simply click on the ‘Change’ icon within the email and fill in an easy to use Change form telling us your changes. If you are happy with the preview then do nothing and we shall forward it directly to your customers on your behalf.
I don’t have time to write an introduction or find articles for my email campaigns – is this a problem?
No problem at all – that is our job, we do everything! We collate industry-relevant articles and write an introduction for you. It’s up to you if you want to change this. It is very easy and can take less than a couple of minutes. If you would like a bespoke or customised article specifically about your business, let us know and we can arrange it for you (in some cases additional fees may apply).
How much do your Packages cost?
Subscriptions start as low as $299 + GST per month. See our Packages page for full details.
How will you know what kind of content to put in my email campaigns

Before we create your email campaign, we work with you to determine what category you fall into, eg, construction, health & fitness, professional, retail, trade, etc. We will ask for any offers or deals you would like to make and any other key points you want to make to your contacts. We’ll make sure your email camapigns contain the content that suits your business and customers.

Will my emails go to the spam or junk mail folder?
Generally speaking No, but occasionally a small percentage, say 5-10%, get caught due to your customers email settings. Your emails and subject line are regularly tested to ensure they have the greatest chance of landing in your customers’ inboxes each month.
I’ve already have an email template – can you use it?
If you have a template, don’t hesitate to send it through. We will review it and contact you if it suitable for use. If we can not use your template entirely, we’ll match your brand and format as much as possible. Don’t worry you get the opportunity to review the layout and content before we send it.
What happens if I go on holiday – will you continue to send my emails to my customers and contacts?
Yes. We can do that! We will make sure your service continues without a hitch so even when you’re away, your business will still be top of mind with your customers.
I don’t have a customer contact list handy, can I get one from the phone book or purchase one online?
No, you cannot collect or purchase a contact list from the internet. Anti-spam laws are very clear on what you can and cannot do regarding bulk emailing. As a minimum, you will require inferred consent from your contacts – see our Anti Spam Policy for more information. We can help you to collate your customer list, if you need assistance.
What if one of my contacts doesn’t want to receive emails from me anymore?

All your emails have an unsubscribe link so your contacts are free to unsubscribe at any time, or you can do this yourself using our Client Area on our website if you prefer. Once they are unsubscribed they will not receive any further emails from you.

What social media platforms do you post to?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

What if I do not have any social media sites, but want them?
It’s Simple – we will create them for you. See our Packages page for more details.
And what if I already have established sites?
No problem – we will post to those for you.


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