1. Lighting

No burglar likes to be under the spotlight and so install good lighting in and around your home. External motion sensor lights will help to put thieves off. And make sure you leave a light on inside the house when you go out at night or if you are going away for a few days. You can also get timers for lights so you can set them to turn on automatically during the evening.

2. Locks

Decent locks are of course a must, but don’t then make the mistake of hiding a spare key – burglars know all the usual hiding places! In addition, make sure you change locks when you move into a new house.

3. Security system

Investing in a security system is a good idea. There are lots of options on the market to suit every budget. From high-tech smartphone operated ones to more basic models, a security system is a great deterrent to thieves.

4. Windows

Popping out to the shops? Even if you’re only absent for a few minutes take the time to close all your windows, otherwise it’s an open invitation to any burglar.

5. Neighbours

Finally, be on good terms with your neighbours because they are your eyes and ears when you’re not home.