Rush, rush, rush. Do you feel like that is what you do all day, every day? Life is so busy between work, the family, traffic, social commitments and more. Often taking care of yourself is one of those things that gets pushed down the list, or forgotten completely.

You reach for convenience foods, neglect your workout schedule and ironically resist the call of your bed because you are tired and lack energy. Did you know that if you nailed the health trifecta of food, sleep and exercise then you could actually have more energy?

Let’s look at each component and see how they can combine together to make you more successful.


When the hunger pains strike, it can be so easy to reach for convenience foods. That quick calorie fix will fill your belly, but what is it really doing to you?

The preservatives, fats and additives in fast foods can mess with your weight, your stress levels, your hormone balance and even your productivity. Yes, what you put into your body can directly affect many things. That is why it is important to put the good stuff in so that your body can function as it should.

People that eat healthier have a greater chance at success because they can focus on their goals, not on dealing with the side effects of convenience foods.


A busy life can mean keeping odd hours. Getting up before the sun and going to sleep in the wee hours of the night as you try to cram everything into your day.

Unfortunately, with that kind of a schedule, your sleep patterns do begin to suffer. Sleep deprivation has many negative side effects - increased levels of stress, fluctuating weight, the precursor for major health conditions, and lower brain function.

Basically, if you aren’t getting enough sleep, your day to day life will suffer, and you will struggle to get through everything you need to do. Correct this by setting yourself a bedtime curfew. No, you are not back in high school, Mum is not going to be nagging you to get to bed and get up on time. But if you have a regular sleep schedule, you are more likely to get the valuable zzzz’s that you need to be successful.


This one can be the hardest factor to nail as it does take some effort to commit to an exercise routine. But if you do commit, you will feel so much better in the long run.

Exercise is a fantastic stress-buster, mood lifter and distraction from the day to day grind of a busy life. Oh yes, it keeps you healthy too. We all know the massive benefits of exercise, but sometimes finding the motivation is a struggle.

Try not to think of your exercise as a chore, instead chose activities that you enjoy. There is no rule that says you must run on a treadmill for your physical activity. Play a sport, walk the dog, go dancing, go mountain biking, run about with the kids, whatever takes your fancy really.

Treat all three of these things as factors to your success; it will make it easier to commit to them. By combining all three, you will be happier, healthier and more productive. Go forth, your success awaits!