Your shining, stainless-steel appliances add a professional, modern air to your kitchen. You know purchasing them was the right decision because of their contemporary design and their contribution to the value of your home. However, as the weeks go by, you begin to notice smudges, fingerprints and streaks. What happened to the gorgeous appliances you once had? Don’t worry, they will not be dirty forever, and you don’t have to forbid your family from touching them. Try these tips on how to clean stainless-steel appliances.

Use Vinegar and Oil

Yes, you could rush out to the local home-improvement store in search of a solution, or you could utilise ingredients already in your kitchen cabinets - a healthier alternative to chemical cleaners. First, fill a spray bottle with vinegar - any type will do. Spray and wipe each appliance, following the steel’s grain. Once all the dirt and smudges are removed, pour baby oil into a soft, dry cloth and polish the metal surface. If you do not have any baby oil on hand, olive or mineral oil can also do the trick. You will see the metal surfaces start to shine.

Attempt with Dish Soap and Hot Water

If vinegar and oil didn’t give you the desired result (or you’re out of one or the other), you could do a quick cleaning with concentrated liquid dish soap and bowl of hot water. Rinse the surface of each appliance before gently scrubbing off the lingering marks with a cloth full of dish soap. This method might not clean the toughest spots, but it will brighten the look if you need a quick fix.

Try Glass Cleaner

Normal glass-cleaning solutions can remove water streaks on stainless steel. Spray the solution on a fresh, dry paper towel and wipe, again, with the grain. The streaks that mar your beautiful dishwasher or refrigerator will disappear in no time, leaving behind nothing but sparkle.

Buy Stainless-Steel Cleaner

If these home remedies fail to do the trick, try one of the many heavy-duty stainless-steel cleaners on the market. Before using the cleaner all over the surface of your appliance, test it on a small section to make sure that specific cleaner isn’t damaging to the finish.

Don’t Be Too Rough

When cleaning your appliances, don’t let your desperation cause you to resort to drastic measures. Never use a rough sponge or steel wool on stainless steel, or you may scratch and ruin the finish. Also, steer clear of bleach. Chlorine bleach is found in many cleaners, so don’t randomly select a bottle out of the cabinet and start spraying - make sure you read the label first. Stainless steel is durable but is not impervious to harm. Prevent water streaks by wiping off moisture as soon as it hits the surface instead of waiting until a streak forms. Regular cleaning will help each appliance retain its value and, more importantly, light up your home.