This parenting gig is hard, especially as a single parent. Here are some ways to get your kids to cooperate.


1: Establish clear routines at your house and your ex-partner’s so that your toddler knows exactly what is expected of them and when.

2: Expect there might be tears when it is time for your toddler to go to your ex’s, or when they return. Change is unsettling for toddlers who struggle to process their emotions. Remain calm, stick to your routine and give lots of cuddles.

School Kids

1: Explain that it isn’t always possible for your ex to attend every sports practice, recital or school event. Check that your custody arrangements are fair and equal so that your kids get to send plenty of time with both parents.

2: Encourage responsibility in your child so that they don’t leave important things at each of their parent’s houses. This also includes responsible eating, no pickiness or playing one house off against the other.

Don’t forget that kids have their own personalities and feelings. Separation can be tricky for everyone involved, so try to show patience and understanding.