We are constantly being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That you can’t get a good start with an empty stomach. But why is it that so many of us skip this meal and what does that mean for our morning productivity?

Why Breakfast?

The morning is a busy time - you have to get ready for work, you have to get the kids out the door with packed bags and lunches, you have errands to run and jobs to get done. Who has the time to sit down and eat a meal in the middle of all that? And do you even need to?

The short answer is yes. You do need to have breakfast so that your body has the fuel to tackle the day ahead. After all, coffee can only do so much.

Productivity Booster

Not eating can leave you feeling sluggish and without energy. How on earth can you expect to be productive if you are feeling like that?

Your brain needs the right fuel to function properly. While coffee gives you that quick caffeine hit, it does not release the slow burning energy that food does.

Relying on a morning coffee to get you through the day doesn’t encourage sustainable productivity. It gives you a quick immediate hit that will fade quickly. You would then need more caffeine to bring you back up again. Choosing food is a more sensible choice as it will give you more energy for longer.

Productivity Preventing Foods

Not all breakfast foods are created equal. They won’t all give you that slow release of energy that you need for productivity.

Sugary cereals and muffins might taste good, but they will leave you feeling hungry again in no time. They cause your blood sugar to spike, but then fall again quickly. You will crave more sugar to bring your energy levels up again, promoting a craving cycle.

Breakfast only becomes the most important meal of the day when you eat the right foods. It might even be preferable to skip breakfast completely, rather than filling your body with unneeded sugar.

What Are Productivity Boosting Foods?

If you want increased productivity all morning long, then you need to choose proteins and complex carbohydrates for breakfast. They might not give you the instant energy hit like a sugary treat, but they will keep you feeling full and focused all the way to lunchtime.

Try fruit, porridge, green smoothies, Greek yoghurt, whole wheat toast, or eggs for great examples of productivity boosting foods. They will give you the sustained energy you need to work productively all morning.

Don’t Be Tempted To Skip Breakfast

When you skip a meal, you body begins to go into survival mode and conserves its energy. This can affect your brain function, making it harder to concentrate and process the complex work tasks you need to complete.

A nutritious breakfast will leave you feeling in control, ready to tackle the day and less overwhelmed by the tasks that lay ahead. So in terms of productivity, breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day!