It’s an all too familiar picture; you return home from the supermarket to find the front door open. That’s peculiar.. perhaps you forgot to lock it? Then you realise the lounge has been trashed and all your electronics are missing. The big screen TV, your laptop, I-pad, BlueRay, Gaming devices, everything of any possible resale value has been uplifted.

Checking the rest of the house the scene just gets worse. All the dresser drawers have been pulled out and dumped on the bedroom floor. Your jewellery box is missing, your new designer jacket has gone and the bathroom has been ripped apart in their search for prescription drugs.

Being burgled is the worst feeling, it leaves you shaken, angry, insecure and minus your most precious assets.

About now you start wondering how on earth you will manage without your modern comforts.

How can you afford to replace all these lovely shiny things when they took so long to pay-off in the first place?

How wonderful to realise all those insurance premiums you resented paying have proved their worth. Contents insurance is vital for renters and homeowners alike. It’s not just the electronics that need covering but work equipment, cameras, collectables, tools and your precious art investments. After all, it could well have been a fire or flood rather than a burglary that has left you bereft.

Aha! Here’s a clue. You have proof of purchase in the stamped warranties neatly filed in your office file. The TV payment plan is there, the guarantees that came with the laptop and I-pad, the box and receipts that packed numerous gaming machines.

Thank goodness for being a little organised in the paperwork department; for paying online for things and having proof of purchase via emails and PayPal. Perhaps you had enough forethought to take photographs of your jewellery and other precious things. If you emailed them to yourself, hopefully, they are still accessible in the cloud via your server if your computer/laptop/I-Pad is also missing.

Over a few days and a few sleepless nights you are able to gather up enough evidence to support a thorough insurance claim.

Having a paper and email trail is very important, having a file box of warranties and receipts is essential. If the paperwork is missing, perhaps you have photos of that bike, the expensive scooter and the tools that are missing? It doesn’t take too long to gather the evidence but it pays to not rush filing a claim, gives it a few days while you remember everything you held dear and where it was kept.

How did the thieves move your stuff? Are your back-packs and suitcases still in the cupboard?

Did they stash them carefully outside somewhere out of sight to collect later?

By imagining the grief that comes of being broken into you may feel more motivated to check on the currency of your insurance policies, making sure they are still adequate to cover all the cool possessions you have carefully accumulated over the last year or more. Regret is every bit as nasty as anger when dealing with personal loss.