Do you have a bunch of grumps or a team of happy smurfs at your office? If your team morale could use a bit of work, it might be time to have a look at the state of your office. Because, did you know that having a clean work environment can do wonders for team morale? Let’s look at why that is.

Why you should clean your office

Apart from the obvious health benefits that a clean office offers, there are other reasons to keep things looking fresh and tidy inside. The main reason is that a clean workspace makes your team members feel good. By keeping things clean and fresh, you create a positive environment that improves their mental and psychological well being.


An organised and well-kept office gives employees a great perception about their roles and responsibilities. If the workplace takes pride in itself, then the employees will follow suit. They will take pride in their work environment – keeping their workstations organised, their dress standard high, as well as maintaining their own personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Not only does it encourage personal organisation, but it also encourages organisation in their role too. They will be more inclined to maintain good office practices like a good filing system, an accurate calendar and an organised approach to working with their colleagues. Overall, organisation makes your workplace a positive place to work and makes it easy to have good team morale.

Points To Consider For Office Cleanliness…

The Floor:

If you start with keeping the floor clean, it makes it easier to keep the other areas of the office clean by allowing you to get to them! It also removes trip hazards and improves overall health and safety.

The Rules:

Set some rules to maintain the cleanliness (and resulting staff morale). Document the maintenance and cleaning practices with checklists and provide staff education. Designate the products and processes to be used and make sure they are easily accessible.

The Air Quality:

The air in an air-conditioned office can easily become stale or filled with nasty particles if you don’t have good cleaning practices in place. Staff morale will quickly plummet if your air quality is bad. Do your best to reduce particles in the air with regular vacuuming and using dust-free cleaning cloths.

The Maintenance:

Often the rules can tend to slip if no one monitors them closely. So management need to demonstrate a good attitude to the cleanliness and lead from the top. Any boss that doesn’t care about a clean office implies that they don’t care about their staff either.

The Happiness:

While a clean workplace certainly boosts the morale of your staff, it can’t be the only factor. Take the time to promote the happiness of your staff and build a good culture.

Yes a clean office boosts morale, but it also promotes good health and safety, professionalism and efficiency in your team. By ticking all those boxes, your office will be a positive place to work and will encourage good staff retention. Implementing the practices of a safe and tidy office will take some work, so plan accordingly and be prepared to be disciplined with yourself and your approach to maintain a clean and positive workplace!