You may be surprised to learn just how easy and affordable it is to give your home a complete transformation simply by adding a fresh coat of paint.

Whether you are finishing off a renovation with the perfect paint job or you just feel like enhancing your living space, paint has the power to completely change the look and feel of a room - or the curb appeal of the entire house.

So, before you start sledge-hammering interior walls for more space or rushing out to buy new furniture, consider the ways you may be able to use paint to give your place a makeover.

Fresh paint can add value to your home, it can make everything look cleaner and brighter, and it can transform the whole look and feel of the property.

Let’s look into how a simple coat of paint can do all of these things.


Fresh Paint Adds Value

Your house may be pristine inside. But if the exterior paint is peeling, faded and shabby, many potential buyers will not even bother to come inside and check it out. A fresh coat of exterior paint immediately adds value to any house. In fact, some studies have shown it can lift the price by up to 10 percent!

Although bright colours can be quirky and fun, the most popular tones for the outside of your house are grey, white, cream, blue and brown. Save those crazy shades for accents like front doors or window shutters to ensure you appeal to a wide audience and don’t regret your paintbrush choices!

It is not just the exterior that can benefit from a lick of paint. Cabinetry, skirting boards, walls and the deck can all be made to look new again with a fresh coat of paint.


Make Your Home Look Clean, Fresh And Bright

You can declutter and downsize your belongings as much as you want. But if your interior walls or ceilings are dull, busy, or just plain outdated, it will be hard to get the clean, fresh feel you are after. All it takes is a bright new coat of paint to give the feel of a sparkly new home.

Don’t simply go slapping paint on the walls willy nilly. Science tells us that dark and light colours are perceived differently, therefore can impact how a room feels. Your brain perceives darker colours to be closer to you, while light colours seem further away. You can use these optical illusions to your advantage to dramatically change how big or small a room looks.

Want to make a small room look bigger? Paint it with pale or cool colours that reflect light. Want a higher ceiling? Then use vertical stripes on the walls to create the illusion of height, or paint the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls.

The illusion works just as well in reverse. If you have a large room that you want to feel cozier, use warm, dark colours on the ceiling and walls. Our last optical painting illusion will allow you to lengthen a short room. You can simply paint one of the shorter ends a lighter hue and voila, a virtual extension without renovations!


Transform The Whole Look Of Your House

Deterioration of the paint on the outside of your house can be followed rapidly by the degradation of your building materials. Fresh paint protects the house from moisture, rot, bugs and all sorts of nasties that could lead to big repair bills down the line!

Aside from the protection benefits, paint is a great way to show your personality and to personalise your home. While neutral tones will stand the test of time, you can really paint your house any colour that you like. So, if you are totally in love with sunflower yellow and want a front room that makes you grin at breakfast every morning, embrace it!

However, if you aren’t brave enough to paint the whole room a bright colour, then settle for a feature wall instead. The joy of paint is that it is an inexpensive and reversible way to make meaningful changes to your living space.

You can also get paint with incredible effects that are practical too. Blackboard paint is not just for the kid’s rooms, you can paint a section in the kitchen or dining room as a family noticeboard. Or choose paints you can make cool textured effects with.


The thing with paint is that it only adds value to your home and looks amazing if you do it right. If the walls are not prepared properly, or your technique is not right, then it can end up looking sloppy. Think about some of those rooms The Block contestants have painted in the past!

The great thing is, you aren’t forced to do your own painting like The Block contestants are. You can hire a painter to give you the slick and professional look that you are after. Here at Jack, we have plenty of painting experts that can help you get the finish you want.

Get in touch with us today to see how your home could be transformed with a professionally applied coat of paint!