Who doesn’t want to save money on their energy bills?

Switching suppliers can help you do that. But then you would have to invest a lot of time, energy and resources into the process. Plus, you would need to brush up on your knowledge of the energy market to know whether you are getting a good deal or not.

Doing energy analysis on your own is possible, but it is a lot of work!

That is why more and more businesses are choosing to use an energy broker. And you could choose to as well. You would get all of the benefits of great energy pricing with none of the effort.

There are 5 great reasons to use an energy broker, they are better pricing, access to market expertise, advice on strategic direction, unravelling the complex task of energy procurement, and managing the time-consuming process of supplier contracts.

Let’s look at these reasons in a little more detail to see how an energy broker can save your business a significant amount on your energy costs.


Reason 1: Better Pricing

Did you know that energy brokers create competition amongst energy suppliers, so that those suppliers always come to the table with their best offers? They know they will be competing for your business, so they will offer a lower price than usual to secure it.

Brokers can also secure better pricing as we are constantly placing clients with various suppliers. If you were to approach an energy supplier directly, then your contract will only come up for renewal every year or two. But energy brokers are giving suppliers the opportunity to bid on dozens of clients every month. So obviously they are going to offer us a better price.

That can mean massive savings for you!


Reason 2: Market Expertise

How much do you know about the energy market? There are probably many complicated professional areas of your business that you currently outsource - anything from legal counsel, to accounting, to IT and marketing.

So why would you try and master the intricacies of energy procurement?

Unless you have the in-house expertise to review all of the different energy products out there, the fine print of each energy contract, and to perform due diligence on various suppliers in an ever-changing market, then it is best to let an energy broker handle it for you.


Reason 3: Strategic Direction

It is not simply about finding the lowest energy costs. Finding the right energy supplier means understanding the complexity of your operations, what your future requirements are going to be, and what your energy demands are. An energy broker, like the experts here at Saveawatt, can then formulate a strategy to meet those energy needs.

Any suppliers who are not able to meet your requirements will be removed from the selection process. This approach means that the contract you select will deliver cost savings for the long term and not simply the cheapest price right now.


Reason 4: Energy Procurement

There are over 40 energy retailers in New Zealand, each of them have their pros and cons. Knowing which supplier has the right expertise and requirements for your business is a complex task.

Each supplier will have their own “products” that they offer with various contracts, rates pricing, green or hybrid options attached. Each supplier will also have slightly different terms and conditions for their contracts that can impact on the cost of energy they offer you.

Let’s face it, to the average business owner, these aspects are quite complex. However, an energy broker will deal with these complexities on a daily basis. That means they can analyse the energy market and monitor when the best wholesale rates are on offer to you. At Saveawatt, our expert energy brokers have access to market leading intelligence software which will enable you to lock in rates at the most advantageous times.


Reason 5: Management Of Energy Supply Contracts

When was the last time you looked at your power bill in depth? Do you know if you are being charged the rates you agreed to?

With Savewatt on your team, you won’t need to. We take on the time consuming job of monitoring your supplier contract and bills to ensure you are being charged at the correct rate. And if any disputes arise, we will help resolve the matter on your behalf.


So if you are interested in knowing how an energy broker like Saveawatt can save you time, stress and money, then get in touch with us today.