Cleaning can be a real point of contention in an office environment. It always seems to be someone else’s responsibility. Even if you have a dedicated cleaning crew at your office, it is important that everyone does their part to keep the office clean and tidy. But it can be hard to motivate some people to pitch in and do their share of the jobs.

Here is what HR can do to get the whole office involved in keeping things clean…

Schedule Clean Up Days

Go ahead and lock 2 days a year into the calendar that are reserved for cleaning up the office. That doesn’t just mean wiping surfaces and vacuuming, but keeping your desks tidy, finishing off the filing, tidying away unnecessary equipment and recycling any broken office items. Many hands make light work in this situation. Everyone should be responsible for their own workspace and the communal areas should be divided up amongst the teams.

Link Cleanliness To Safety

A messy office is an unsafe office. So if you link your cleaning procedures to your health and safety ones, there is more incentive for people to keep the area safe and tidy. This is especially important if your office is in an area that is prone to wild weather. While battening down the hatches, have a bit of a clean at the same time.

Have A Well-Stocked Cleaning Cupboard

It is hard for people to wipe up spills, or to clean away dust if they don’t have the tools at hand to do it. Make sure you have plenty of basic cleaning supplies to spray and clean surfaces, disinfect, mop the floor, clean the toilets, and wipe screens and monitors.

Have A Roster

While it is easy to see who is not able to keep their own workspace tidy, it is a little harder to see who is not pulling their weight in the communal areas. To stop this from happening, draw up a roster of whose turn it is to do the dishes, take the rubbish out and clean the boardroom. It will then be obvious who is not taking their share of the responsibility.

Which leads onto the final point…

Name and Shame

If you have repeat offenders who refuse to help, then come up with a creative way to make the rest of the office aware. Whether it is in the style of an anti-employee of the month photo, or a broadcast at the team meeting, let it be known. That person, or people, will soon learn it is not acceptable to shirk their duties!