When you think of a massage, you may conjure up images of petals floating in bowls, expensive oils and relaxing music.

Here at Opti Health we do not offer petals and scents. But we do offer a Massage Therapy that complements your existing healthcare and helps you to live the life you want without being held back by pain and discomfort.

So how does our massage therapy work?

Let’s take a look at what the therapy involves, the benefits of coming in to see us, and the conditions or injuries it can help with…


What Is The Massage Therapy?

Being in the best health requires your body to have optimum circulation and muscle function. There are many things that can impact your body’s ability to function at full capacity. Those barriers can be anything from a historical injury, to lifestyle, working conditions or anything else in between.

At Opti Health, it is our goal to get to the bottom of those issues and to help your body function in the way it should.

How do we do that?

Well, we need to do a bit of research first. It is not always immediately obvious what is actually causing you pain or discomfort. Just because you have a sore neck does not mean that the problem is originating in that area.

So we need to ask you a few questions. We get you to fill in a registration form that has info on:

  • Past or current injuries/surgeries

  • Any current issues you are experiencing

  • What kind of activities you do on a regular basis

  • What you are required to do for your occupation

  • Any medication you might be taking

  • What is the purpose of your visit

We will then have a short discussion with you about the form to better understand the things that could be affecting you.

Based on this short verbal interview, our experienced massage therapists will have enough information about what the likely issues are. We would then make a recommendation on which massage therapy we feel would benefit you best and start from there.

As the therapy is in progress, our therapist will be able to find more information on how serious the issues are. By the end of the first treatment, we will be able to recommend an on-going maintenance programme to minimise any pain or to keep the injury away for good.

This on-going plan does not only include further massage treatments. Depending on your needs, it could also include stretching, postural adjustment and a change in habits.


What Are The Benefits?

The main and most obvious benefit is that you won’t have to put up with pain or discomfort any longer. You will gain a greater understanding of the things that can impact your body. This awareness can help you to minimise the chance of a recurring injury or issue.

We don’t simply fix pain. Instead, we look into the background of why pain is occurring in the first place. We then teach you how to set yourself up in an environment to manage any issues and make them less of a problem for you.

For example, if you are required to do a lot of heavy lifting on a day to day basis, then we would show you the correct way to lift so that you do not put your body under strain. Or perhaps you have to drive a lot. In this case, we would suggest a postural adjustment for your driver’s seat.

We encourage you to keep coming to see us here at Opti Health so that we can monitor how your recovery is going. We keep a full set of notes so that we know where your treatment began and how far you have come. This helps you to see your progress as well.

We do all of this without needing to use any drugs, and by working alongside any other health care providers you are seeing.


What Can Massage Therapy Help With?

There are so many things that massage therapy can help with that it would impossible to list them all here. But here are just some of the common issues we see:

  • Sporting injuries

  • Historic injuries still causing pain

  • Scar reduction

  • Pain or tightness in the back, neck and shoulders

  • Migraines

  • Frozen shoulders

  • Occupational injuries

  • And so much more


So if you are experiencing pain or discomfort, or you are sick of putting up with an issue your body is facing, then make an appointment to see us here at Opti Health. We promise you won’t regret it. You can make a booking to see us by visiting our website https://optihealth.co.nz .