Having a security system for your business is fantastic. After all, it protects you when you can’t be there and if it is monitored it means that someone away from your property can know if there is a problem!

It is easy to feel secure with a state of the art system in place.

But when was the last time you had yours serviced?

Servicing is a great way of ensuring everything is operating as it should. Just like you service your vehicle every 6 months to ensure it is still running well, you should also have an expert check your security system too.

Let’s have a look at what is involved in a service, the benefits of doing it, and how often you should have it done.


What Is Servicing?

Having your system professionally serviced not only ensures that everything is running correctly, but it can also extend the lifespan of it.

There are a number of things that a technician will check when they service your system. They are…

Batteries: Certain aspects of the system operate on batteries. These obviously need to be checked to ensure they are still functioning and replaced if they are running low on power.

Cameras: Camera positioning is key to the efficiency of a CCTV system. Your technician will ensure they are pointing in the right direction and collecting the correct information for you. Also, it is vital that the lenses are clear, so these will be cleaned too.

Sensors: If your system includes a form of sensor, then your technician will ensure they are picking up movement and any other aspects.

Signals: If you have a monitored alarm system, then your signals will be checked to ensure they are transmitting the right data to the monitoring centre.

Software Updates: Software is always evolving and there are often updates that need to be installed so that your system continues to communicate the right information and functions well.

General Maintenance: Your technician will check for any loose wires, as well as damaged or worn parts to ensure the system is able to operate at optimum efficiency.

While this is the basic premise of what will be checked, the servicing process is a lot more comprehensive. So, it is vital that you get a professional technician to check your system on a regular basis and this can either be on an annual or biannual basis.


The Benefits Of Servicing

Basically, your security system is only as good as its weakest part. By having it regularly serviced, you are ensuring there are no known weak links in the chain. That means your security will remain as tight as it can possibly be.

Knowing that your system is running as it should will prevent a failure when you need it most. How awful would it be if you had a security breach or a workplace incident and your security system was not up to scratch?

Regular maintenance is relatively inexpensive and it could prevent you from having to face larger costs down the track. If things can be tweaked or dealt with before they become a major issue, then you won’t be facing a massive repair bill if or when a component fails.


Recommended Timeframes For Servicing

It is recommended that you have your security system serviced at least every 6 or 12 months to keep it running at optimum levels.

Of course, if you have a fault or something isn’t quite right between those times, then you should definitely call a technician to take a look. If you don’t get faults checked when they occur, then your system might not be working at a time when you need it most!

Remember that a monitored alarm sends fault signals that need be dealt with promptly. If the signals are not being correctly transmitted, then the response team cannot be there in time.


The Importance Of Servicing Your Systems

Perry Metal Protection run 5 Metal Galvanizing plants around the country and they are one of Smartway’s valued clients.

They have a large number of precarious hazards on site, with overhead cranes, tanks of chemicals, heavy machinery, forklifts and truck movements to name just a few.

They installed a CCTV system to not only monitor processes but also monitor Health and Safety. It is vital that their system is always functioning as it should. That is why they also engage Smartway for regular servicing

Smartway not only designed and installed their CCTV Systems but have also helped them to devise a system where smaller materials that arrive are weighed when they are unloaded for Galvanising.

Once the product is placed on the scales, they press a remote - a camera takes a snapshot of the product, the software inserts an overlay of the weight in the picture and it is instantly printed out to attach to the work order. This saves a lot of time and work ensuring accuracy and increased profitability.

This is just another example of the type of projects Smartway get involved with. Smartway Security & Technology is an innovative solution provider and we love to design and build numerous customised solutions to suit individual needs and circumstances.


So, if you have not had your security system serviced in a while, get in touch with us here at Smartway and we will be able to ensure all components are running as they should.