Did you know that pet owners are traditionally healthier than non-pet owners? They are also far less lonely and have much better self-esteem.

Let’s look at why that is…

1: Emotional Support

Pets provide emotional support like nothing else on this earth. The unconditional love of a dog, or even the permission to be a cat’s slave fills your heart. The love of a pet can be just as uplifting as the love of a human.

2: Pets Open You To Love

Owning a pet does not take away from the relationships you have with your friends and family. In fact, it can add to it. A common talking point, a chance to get out and walk the dogs together, or even helping your heart heal and love again.

3: Feelings Of Wellbeing

Pets are known to increase your all round wellbeing. They help to boost your self-esteem, increase your feelings of belonging and let you realise your meaningful existence.

Having a positive mindset, overall good health and life full of love all contribute to less stress and better health. Stress and health issues are major causes of shortening your lifespan. Negate these negativities by embracing life as a pet owner!