Great long lasting business relationships don’t just happen overnight. They take time and effort to nurture. They also can’t be one-sided. There needs to be an element of give and take with every relationship. So here are our tips on how to find the right people, and how to engage with them consistently and effectively.

Be Authentic

People can see right through fake behaviour. It is all too easy to create a persona that is not you, especially when you are interfacing online. But any relationship will be short lived when it becomes clear that your persona is not who you really are. Instead, build authentic connections with people that align with your values. If you have a natural connection, then the communication will be easy. Being authentic allows for a deep and meaningful relationship with your true self.

Share The Same Values

I am not talking about beliefs, because everyone has different opinions. But in any good relationship, it is important to share the same values. It can be so easy to let others take advantage of you if they have differing values. Even if you thought you could trust them. To avoid this, look at how a person treats those around them, what their morals are like, and if you can respect them. That should help you weed out the bad eggs.

Build Respect

Respect takes time to earn, that is why you need to take every opportunity to build it. Join a networking group that will allow you to connect with people on a regular basis. Be it a face to face connection, or an online one. Each interaction and experience is a chance to earn respect. Being able to respect someone is a sign that you have a deep relationship.

Be Strong and Vulnerable

Show people both sides of your personality. Show your strength by helping them when they need it. But also don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side by asking for help. You can also do this by sharing your wins, and sharing things that didn’t go so well. Just be careful when sharing your vulnerability. Sometimes it can be more powerful to share with a select few as opposed to broadcasting your struggles publically.

Give Value Before Getting Value

If you can give helpful information, advice, or even a service to someone, then you are automatically building a foundation for a trusting relationship. Blogging, running a webinar, providing an e-book, speaking at a conference, or even attending events are all ways of serving and helping. By providing these helpful resources you are building trust and proving your expertise. Trust is the main ingredient for a solid and long lasting relationship.

Be Fun And Personal

Take your relationship to the next level by meeting one on one and having an informal chat over coffee. By each sharing a little bit more of your personal selves, you get to know each other a bit better. You can share experiences, points of view and learn more about each other’s story. Some of the best ideas come out of shared brainstorming sessions.


One of the biggest compliments that you can pay a business connection is to refer their services. But before you do refer someone, think about who they are and if they will make a good connection. Otherwise it is more a waste of time than a compliment.

Strong relationships do take time to build. But if you in the effort now, then you see the benefit in the long run. Take the time to build strong relationships and you will have a great network of people to rely on, and that can rely on you.