Whether you are a school, a small business, a sports club, or a local group, you rely on support from your community.

So, that means you need to find a way to engage your local community and get them interested in what you are doing.

They can’t support a secret, so you need to get the word out to them?

Outdoor (and indoor) signage is a fantastic way to do that. And WiPath has the best electronic signage solutions for you. But, the sign is only one piece of the puzzle. You need to ensure that you are encouraging engagement with your messaging too.

How can you do that?

There are three very important things you should consider to encourage engagement, consistent branding, building a relationship, and having a simple action for your community to complete.

Let’s look into these things in more detail.


Consistent Branding

We have talked about the importance of building trust with your community before. Without an element of trust, they will never be convinced to support you. As we know, support from the community comes in many different ways - funding, numbers, members and clients. That support is vital to your success.

So, how can you continue to build this trust over time?

Providing consistent messaging and branding is a great way to start. Your signage should have the same design, colour, logo and fonts as the other parts of your marketing material. That way, you are instantly recognisable to those that want to support you.

You should also ensure that your messaging is consistent and in line with what your community expect from you. A very easy example would be that if you were a vegan brand, then you wouldn’t suddenly start singing the praises of bacon!

Know your community and how to connect with them in the best way. Make sure all your signage and messaging follow those rules.


Building A Relationship

You know when you see a number flash up on your phone and you ignore the call or message because you know the person is only going to ask you for something?

It’s annoying isn’t it?

If you are always asking your community for things without giving anything back in return, then they might see you as the annoying person calling. They might figuratively “hang up” on you every time they go past your premises.

Obviously, you don’t want them to do that! So instead of always asking for the sale, for support, or for new members, make sure you are delivering value too. Provide helpful reminders, friendly messages, even a joke or two.

Relationships are a two way street. You are far more likely to get engagement from your community if you are giving to them also.


Having A Simple Action

Your community is probably not full of mind readers. They don’t know what you want them to do unless you come out and tell them!

Having a simple call to action allows them to understand what you need from them. Then, they can decide if they are interested in helping or not. The key word in that sentence is simple. If you make things too complicated then people will give up before they do what you need them to.

Simple, straightforward and easy to action is the best way. Also keep in mind that people could be seeing your signage for the very first time, or they could have seen it 100 times before. You need to display a range of call to actions throughout the year so that people in varying stages of that trust relationship can connect with you.  


Is it time for you to engage with your community through electronic signage? Then WiPath has the absolute best options available. We have a range of different signs to suit the needs of your school, business or club. Get in touch with us today to access our wealth of knowledge and experience.